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Cullen's Archangel RescuE, Inc.
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CARE is made up of people who Volunteer without pay to let pets live in their homes temporarily until they can find a permanent home. We do not have a physical shelter. There are never enough Volunteers to cover all the animals in need, and there are only so many pets one person can handle at one time. We always stretch ourselves as far as we can go. If you are trying to find a home for an animal in need, here are some helpful hints:

  • First, is there any way you can keep the animal yourself? If it's a training or behavior problem, get expert advice to correct it. This is often less expensive than you imagine it will be and can resolve most issues. Click here for a list of recommended Dog Trainers, or click here for advice on common dog behavior problems. Click here for advice on common cat behavior problems. If it's a medical expense that you cannot afford, there are many organizations in existence that will help with Veterinary medical bills. Click here for a partial listing of those organizations.
  • If you must rehome the animal, try and find a good home for him or her. Place a free ad on and craigslist. We recommend you ask a rehoming fee of at least $75. Click here to find out why! 
  • Place an ad in The State and the Free Times. We have a lot of success with Free Times.
  • Put up flyers in local Vet offices and pet stores and in your workplace.
  • Contact every rescue on, in neighboring states too if necessary - NC and up, not GA and below - pet overpopulation is much worse in the South than it is in the North. Some rescues up North will even arrange transport for pets from the South to get up there and find a home since their shelters are nearly empty and ours are overflowing.
  • Send pictures. Rescues get literally dozens of requests for help daily and can only take in so many. Pictures are what get people to connect, and you are unlikely to have any luck without them. 
  • If they are purebred or even an obvious mix of a breed, google for that breed rescue. Breed specific rescues are more likely to take in their breed because that is all they focus on.

Please look at our list of adoptables if you are interested in adopting a new family member. For every pet who gets a loving home, another baby is able to be saved. We are always in need of dedicated volunteers, foster homes, and donations.

Every dollar helps, every foster home saves a life, every pair of hands can heal.

P. O. Box 715 •  Lexington, SC 29071  •  (803) 622-9813 •  caretoadopt [ at ]