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Newly Discovered Dog Breeds

Now Available for Adoption



Beechnut in a t-shirtSt. Rhodesian Box Terrier of Staffordshire

This medium-sized breed enjoys being cradled in his human's lap.

He is otherwise independent and loves spending time outdoors.

He also looks stylish in a t-shirt.



ChaseBat-Eared Terrier (ADOPTED!)

The Bat-Eared Terrier is a small breed dog with very large ears.

He is a playful and friendly fellow with excellent hearing.

This breed is good for families with children, dogs, or cats.





Willy on his sideBuddha Belly Hound (ADOPTED!)

The Buddha Belly Hound is actually a newly RE-discovered breed that

has been around for hundreds of years. It is considered a blessing when

one of these hounds rolls over and exposes his belly for you because it is

believed that rubbing the belly of this dog brings luck and good fortune.


ValentinoChinese Kissing Dog

The Chinese Kissing Dog sports a permanent pucker and

is always ready to share his love with others.







SonnyGerman Smiling Dog (ADOPTED!)

This dog truly has a sunny disposition and loves playing with other dogs.

They have the look of an African Wild Dog but they are quite tame and love people. 

The breed is generally not good with cats.







TravisGood Feelings Retriever (ADOPTED!)

Some dogs are bred for retrieving birds. This one retrieves your lost good feelings

when you are having a bad day. Good Feelings Retrievers are talented at bringing

a smile to your face. They typically get along well with almost anyone,

regardless of species!



YogiHam-some Retriever

This breed is quite handsome and quite full of himself. He loves being the center of attention.

Great breed for an active family.




KodiakRanch Dressing Dog (ADOPTED!)

Dogs of this breed are so cute, you could dip them in Ranch Dressing and eat them up!

Don't do that, though, because then you won't get to enjoy their fun personality.








RoxieWindsock Dog

This breed uses its ears to determine the direction and speed of the wind. They are both cute AND useful!

Great breed for the hobbyist pilot.





OK, so they aren't real breeds. But they are unique, fabulous, and available for adoption!



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